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Westport is one of the best places to fish in Massachusetts. Fishes like tautog, striped bass, black sea bass, bluefish, tuna, and several others enrich Westport waters.

The beautiful fishing spots like Allen pond wildlife sanctuary, Horseneck surf rescue, and many more make for good pictures and videos. And when you use a fishing charter like Cambo, you can explore many areas and have more fun.

Fishing Charter Company in Westport


There are many benefits to using Cambo Fishing Charter. Some of them are:

Charter fishing with Cambo ensures you are safe and secure when you go about realizing your fishing dreams.

Combo crew and team are licensed to operate in Westport and neighboring towns of Massachusetts. We have permits and explore a wide range of fishing spots.

Our workers are trained to render the best services and salvage any situation that may arise in the course of an outing. They are trained to treat customers right and render their services professionally.

Our Captain and crew have experience because we have been in the business for a while. With our experiences in this industry, we are one of the best fits for any fishing outing. We have explored the beaches and other fishing spots that Westport is reputable for.

Our workers are dedicated and ensure we do not violate any law. We operate within the federal and regional ordinances concerning fishing.

Using a fishing charter in Westport is a wise choice because it saves you money. And when you use our services, you can save even more. Cambo Fishing Charters is the most affordable compared to others around.

We are after satisfying our customers and ensuring they do not break the bank before having fun fishing Westport. Hiring a fishing charter is the best way to save costs while having fun fishing because you do not have to own an expensive fishing boat.

Our boat is top-notch and has the necessary equipment for safety and fun. Also, we have the best gear. You do not have to bother about getting tackle or the right equipment before you have a great fishing outing.

Before you get to the fun of fishing, you have to set the boat and put everything in place. With a fishing charter like Cambo, you do not have to bother about doing such things.

Our captain and crew set everything up and you just come in with your friends and have fun. You can learn the area easily, experience water navigation, and the best fishing methods for Westport all delivered on a gold platter.

If you are not used to Westport, Cambo Fishing Charters ensures you can explore the town and the fishing opportunities in it in the company of experienced anglers. 

How much does it cost to go fishing in Westport with Cambo Charters?

Our fishing charters can range from $500 to $1200 depending on what type of fishing you would love to do. Deep sea fishing can be Bottom fishing or tube and worm catching stripers. Are you looking to catch a big fish?



To enjoy the fishing charter services we render, you can contact us via phone and email to book an outing. You can also check out our social media handles and websites to know more about us. If Barnstable is closer to you, we can launch our boat from there.

Our boat launch location for Westport, MA is here. 1 Bridge Rd, Westport Ma

Charter Fishing in Westport, MA