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Fishing the popular Cape Cod canal in Sandwich and exploring other amazing fishing spots along the beaches and estuaries will leave you wanting to relive the Sandwich fishing experience. If you are easily bored and would prefer assorted fishing options, then Sandwich is one of the towns for you.

Aside from the beautiful scenery that affords you interesting backgrounds for documenting your experiences through videos and pictures, the fish species you get here are interesting factors.

Sandwich lets you enjoy fluke, bluefish, flounder, and striped bass in their different sizes. Hiring a fishing charter is one way to explore the many fishing spots Sandwich has to offer and experience amazing outings.

Fishing Charter Company in Sandwich

Why We Are A Great Option

Making the best of your sandwich charter fishing is guaranteed with us because:


Although there are many fishing spots in Sandwich such as the boat ramp, Buzzard’s bay, the Sandwich Marina, and so on, you can only enjoy a great fishing experience if you use a fishing charter. Cambo Fishing Charters is at your service and here is how to take advantage of the fishing services we render:

Decide the kind of trip you want

The kind of trip you would like to book will determine your preparation and discussion with us. Do you want to go out fishing alone or do you want to come with friends? Would you prefer something private or do you want to share it with others? Do you want to fish inshore or offshore? These preferences will determine how much you can enjoy a fishing charter.

Contact Us

Once you have decided to work with us, the next step is to contact us and discuss what it entails. Our Captains are licensed, experienced, and professionals. We know the area and are experienced in fishing every aspect of it. Our boat is in good condition and our prices are fair. You can also speak with our Captain to know what to do and how to approach your fishing experience.

Book our fishing charter

Booking our fishing charter takes a few easy steps. Our payment options are also flexible. We have a customer-centric cancellation policy.

Prepare for the day

With your day set, the next thing is to prepare for it. You will need some items like sunglasses, appropriate clothing in terms of weather, cooler and ice for your catches, food, and drinks, and the other necessities. This applies to your friends if you are coming with friends or family.


To take advantage of our fishing charter services, contact us via our phone number and email. You can check us out on our social media handles and website to have a feel of the fishing experience we guarantee. Cambo Fishing Charters also launches from Westport.

When we launch from Sandwich the map directions are listed below.

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