Frequently Asked Questions

A: We typically run our charters May-November with the bulk of our fishing happening June-September. Depending on the time of year theres always something to target with the striper fishing picking up in May and the Tuna fishing usually starting in mid June.

A: Max 6 but we love to run our boat with 5

A: No we do not offer any open boat options. We will occasionally offer them if there is enough interest for a specific item.

A: 10% discount for active military or veterans

A: We have a 7-day cancellation policy. Any attempt to cancel the trip within 7 days will forfeit their 20% deposit. Cancellations may be made at any time at the captain’s discretion due to foul weather. We fish rain or shine but high winds can call for a canceled charter. If this happens your deposit will be refunded or another date can be scheduled.

A: Sunglasses, rain jacket, warm clothes, any food you may want on the trip, Zip lock baggies, cooler with plenty of ice for your catch.

A: Yes, we allow alcoholic beverages in moderation

A: Yes. As long as the species we’re targeting is in season and meets state and federal regulations. We will bleed, clean, and filet your catch right at the dock at the end of our trip. Any tuna over 73” inches will be sold as it is a commercial class fish and due to federal regulations can not be kept for personal use.

A: There is no head on our boat

A: Come prepared for a great day on the water. If you’re prone to motion sickness it’s recommended that you take a nondrowsy Dramamine approximately 30 minutes before the trip.