The Ultimate Nantucket Fishing Charter Experience: Reeling in the Big Catch

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Nantucket is an island located off the coast of Massachusetts, known for its charming town, beautiful beaches, and historic lighthouses. But for anglers, it’s the abundant fishing opportunities that draw them to this location. From striped bass to bluefish to tuna, Nantucket’s waters are teeming with various fish. And the best way to experience this abundance is through a fishing charter. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Cambo Fishing Charters’ special Nantucket trips.

Nantucket is a fisherman’s paradise. No matter where on the island you look there is almost always a good piece of structure and specie of fish to target. While there are many species of fish that live in the waters surrounding Nantucket, it is most well known for its big fluke also known as summer flounder. Nantucket is home to some of the largest flukes not only in Cape Cod but also in the world. Most of these flukes can be found in the cold waters of the Nantucket shoals. The Nantucket shoals are known for their drastic changes in depth going from nearly 100 feet deep to less than 5 in some instances in the distance of just a few feet.

The main draw for the fluke to this area is the abundance of bait. The main forage for the fluke here is sand eels but they’ll also feed heavily on squid and even mackerel. When you combine this abundance of bait along with the extreme tide that rips through the area it’s no wonder why this is a fluke fishermans’ paradise.

What are Fishing Charters?

Fishing charters are guided fishing trips that take place on a boat, typically led by experienced captains who know the waters and the fish that inhabit them. These trips can range in duration from a few hours to a full day or more. The advantage of a fishing charter is that you don’t need to have your own boat or equipment, and you can benefit from the captain’s expertise and knowledge of the area.

What Makes Nantucket a Great Fishing Destination?

There are many things that make Nantucket a great fishing destination but one of the main factors is its proximity to rich fishing grounds. The Nantucket shoals which are located off the east coast of Nantucket are known worldwide for their large fluke but that’s not the only productive spot around the island. Nantucket is also the closest port to leave from when fishing the infamous Georges Bank as well as some inshore grounds such as the regal Sword.

The variety of fish that can be found in the waters around Nantucket is also a major draw to this small fishing community. The island is most well known for its fluke but there are also large runs of stripers, bluefin tuna, and many other species. There is also a great run of false albacore and bonito in the fall typically on the western side of the island.

Cambo Fishing Charters: What to Expect

Cambo Fishing Charters offers a variety of fishing trips, ranging from half-day trips to full-day excursions. Their boats are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and rigs to ensure that you have the best chance of catching fish. The captains who lead the trips are experienced and knowledgeable, and each captain will take you to the best fishing spots in the area.

When you book a fishing charter with Cambo Fishing Charters, you can expect a personalized experience. The captains will work with you to determine what type of fishing you’re interested in: fly fishing, light tackle fishing, or something else. They’ll also provide instruction and guidance throughout the trip, so even beginners can feel comfortable.

Fluke Fishing

Nantuckets’ big fluke is without a doubt one of the best species to target when visiting the island. Catching fluke is a fun endeavor no matter how old you are. They provide a great fight and some of the best table fair around.

When we target fluke off of Nantucket it is typically an all-day affair. We leave the dock early in the morning often traveling through dense fog to get to Nantucket shoals to chase these fish. When we get there the captain will instruct you on how to fish your rig and what bait he would recommend. Typically a combination of squid and spearing is the ticket to coaxing these monsters.

The tackle we use while fluke fishing these deep shoals is often very heavy. The strong tides mean we often have to use weights in excess of 16 ounces to hold the bottom and reduce scope. I personally recommend low-gear ratio reels to help lift these heavy weights and fish off the bottom.

Flukes aren’t the only thing you’ll hook into while fishing the Nantucket shoals. Sea bass are a common bycatch and are tasty fish to fill the cooler. Along with sea bass, you’ll also catch the occasional cod and the all-too-common dogfish.

Tips for a Successful Fishing Charter

If you’re planning a fishing charter with Cambo Fishing Charters, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful trip. First, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, as it can be unpredictable on the water. Second, bring snacks and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the trip. Third, listen to the captain’s instructions and guidance, as they know the waters and the fish that inhabit them. And finally, be patient – fishing can be a waiting game, but with the right attitude and a bit of luck, you’ll be sure to catch something.


Cambo Fishing Charters offers a great time on the waters surrounding Nantucket and strives to provide you with a great, memorable day on the water. Next time you find yourself in Nantucket make sure you try and spend some of your time out on the water and partake in one of the oldest fishing communities in the country. Whether you’re looking to get on a fluke, tuna, or striped bass Cambo Charters will have you covered and will put you on the fish.

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If you are looking for Fluke, Sea Bass, Summer Flounder, and Black sea bass in offshore Nantucket, give us a call. If you are a seasoned angler or a rookie with a big group or small group we will ensure you have a great charter.